Cruising Chutes, Spinnakers and more..

Cruising Chutes

This sail has been designed by us for all those sailors who don't want the complications and extra equipment required for handling a spinnaker but want the pleasure and exhilaration of fast downwind sailing.

It is an asymmetric sail designed to 85% of the spinnaker area with the head radials extending to 65% of the luff to give optimum shape. The luff is slightly shorter than the forestay and the leech is 90% of the luff length. Made in colourful 52g rip-stop nylon, it is a versatile asset to any sail wardrobe.

The features of the sail are:

Using the Arun Snuffer will make handling of your Cruising Chute even easier - ask us for details and for a quote for your sheets and halyard.

Arun Snuffer

The Arun Snuffer is designed to make the handling of Spinnakers and Cruising Chutes easier for the sailor.

The operation of the Snuffer has been simplified to ensure that it is practical and easy to use and not just a gimmick.

A wide, specially manufacturer mouth slips easily over the sail to be snuffed with little chance of fouling or jamming. Both Snuffer and sail are hoisted together to the masthead on the spinnaker halyard.

To set the sail, the mouth and snuffer sock are pulled upwards on the continuous line provided releasing the sail as it goes.

The mouth and sock stay at the masthead while the sail is in use. To snuff the sail let the wind out by releasing the sheet, haul the mouth down over the sail and it is totally undercontrol.

The Snuffer with the sail inside it can then be lowered to the deck into a bag, or straight through the forehatch, out of the way until next time.


A Spinnaker is generally more effective than a cruising chute, mainly because of the area. A cruising chute is approximately 85% of the spinnaker area. However it is necessary to use a pole at all times when flying a spinnaker.

Spinnakers need more equipment than cruising chutes and a more experienced crew to deal with them but despite this, they can make reaching and downwind sailing, fast, fun and exhilarating!

Radial Head

A general purpose spinnaker for reaching and running.

The radial panels in the head of this sail give it the shape which makes it performance better on a run.

It is made from 52g rip-stop nylon and a wide choice of colours that allows the sail to be easily personalised.

The panel layout shown is for information only; contact us for the panel layout for your particular boat.


The Tri-Radial spinnaker is cut flatter than the radial head, with the emphasis on reaching rather than running.

The radial panels come from all three corners to distribute loads throughout the sail so that it keeps its shape under stress.

It is made from 52g rip-stop nylon and a wide choice of colours that allows the sail to be easily personalised.

The panel layout shown is for information only, contact us for the layout for your particular boat.

The Arun Mizzen Staysail

The Mizzen Staysail, made from colourful spinnaker cloth like the Cruising Chute, is an easy sail to set, control and recover.

It is hoisted on a halyard leading forward from the mizzen masthead flying free, tacked down ideally to windward a-beam of the main mast and sheeting to the mizzen boom or as far aft as possible on the leeward side.

When on a board reach, or sailing downwind, this sail will harness the wind that normally escapes between the main and mizzen sails and will give that extra drive to add knots to your speed.

Used in conjunction with the main mizzen, a goose-winged genoa and cruising chute, it can add a new exciting and colourful dimension to your downwind cruising.